A Rambling Mind

With so many thoughts buzzing in my mind day and night, it can be hard to remember them, let alone get them down in some sort of order – this is my attempt at organising my ideas into a filing system.

A Look at Life is the place to find reflections on real life. Career and relationship related thoughts, combined with home owning, responsibilities and other joyous adulty things, these are often frank looks into real life – don’t worry, it’s certainly not all doom and gloom!

Dogs and horses are at the heart of Countryside Living. In my experience, owning a horse is pretty life encompassing, add on top a spaniel and spare time becomes a thing of the past. That said, the golden comedy moments and sense of achievement that comes with training more than make up for the long days and going out in all weathers!

I can’t lie, I do rather enjoy a decent plate of food and I like to think I’m not too bad in the kitchen either! Make way for Foodie Thoughts – a one stop shop for useful recipes, diet discussions and, of course, detailed posts of fancy meals from fancy eateries.

In Review is quite simply, full of reviews. From pet products to books, you name it, I’ll have an opinion on it!

My final category, Travelling Tales, fills you in on all the details omitted from Four Paw Adventures as well as the rare travels without Pip.

Although I’d love to give you some sort of timeframe or planned upload day, I’m not going to – my thoughts come at their own accord!