Four Paw Adventures

Four Paw Adventures came to me as I tried to plan a short getaway in Scotland. As the owner of a mad, mummys-boy spaniel, where I go, Pip follows – be that work, days out and most importantly, holidays! Finding it hard to get a straight answer as to where I could and couldn’t take my pup, I thought I’d document our travels to give ideas to anyone interested enough to read my ramblings!

Needless to say, the main inspiration and focus of Four Paw Adventures is my Pippin. Born in May 2016, Pippin is a Working Cocker Spaniel from up t’ut Nurth, Doncaster to be precise. As a Kennel Club registered dog, he has the terrifically fancy show name of Godfather Of Soul, but after reeling off names of soul legends (I’m talking James Brown, Otis, Marvin, Ray and Al) nothing seemed to stick. Instead, Pippin was named after the delightful Hobbit Peregrin Took and unknown to me when I picked him up in July 2016, he would come to suit the name in more ways than one. Yes he has the curly hair, the mischievous streak and is completely led by his tummy – I don’t dare tell him about second breakfast, let alone the other Hobbit mealtimes – it turns out Peregrin means ‘traveller in strange countries’! What a welcome surprise!

As you’ll come to read, Pippin is a well-travelled pup. Suffering from a touch of wanderlust, I can’t resist exploring new places and naturally I want my brave adventurer to be there right beside me! Four Paw Adventures, I hope, will evolve into a compendium of dog friendly spots to walk, eat and sleep around the British Isles, all helpfully illustrated with help from my trusty Nikon.

Suggestions are always welcome, especially if they involve a cosy spot to relax by a log burner (Pippin’s request).

Happy adventures!